The Womens Wellness Revolution


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The Womens Wellness Revolution

Women’s Wellness is a very complex subject that has been summarized in this book, with special emphasis on menopausal disorders and premenstrual syndrome. In this book, there is a reasonably comprehensive account of hormone replacement therapy including discussions about its disadvantages and limitations. A growing number of physicians have opted to use “natural hormones” as a basis of their treatment approach.

While menopause is a principal problem for the mature woman, this book describes the male equivalent of this problem, namely the andropause. How the andropausal male interacts with the menopausal female is an important issue that the author has termed the “omnipause.”

A major strength in this book is the description of the use of remedies of natural origin for female complaints. This approach is apparent in Dr. Holt’s development of therapeutic “Menoplans.” This book is meant to match today’s changes in treatment paradigms towards more natural forms of treatment for women’s woes.

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