The HCG Revolution

The HCG Revolution



The HCG Revolution

Stephen Holt M. D. Navigates the controversies surrounding the HCG diet which is become one of the most popular weight control interventions in the practice of Integrative Medicine in the US.

The HCG Diet Revolution is a very thoughtful account of the reactivation of interest in the simians diet that was first described in the 1950s. This book takes a caution only optimistic approach to this diet which is still “in search of an evidence-based”. The simians approach was defined to improve the aesthetic outcome of weight control with improvements in body contour. This book is more than mere dietary advice and it introduces important concepts concerning the impact of Metabolic Syndrome acts and prepares a pathway for the increasing acceptance of laparoscopic bariatric surgery. It focuses upon new challenges that face modern recognition of recalcitrant obesity.

– TV Taylor MD, clinical professor of surgery, University of Texas and Baylor College of medicine, Houston Texas

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