The Antiporosis Plan


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The Antiporosis Plan

Osteoporosis is a devastating disease. If anyone has been unfortunate enough to witness an episode of spontaneous fracture of a bone and an individual of osteoporosis, then they will need no introduction to the tragic and sinister consequences of the modern epidemic of “thin bones and creaky joints” (osteoporosis and osteoarthritis). This book focuses on bone health, but it also covers newer aspects of the management osteoarthritis. The lack of coverage of osteoarthritis in popular healthcare literature on osteoporosis has been a serious oversight. These disorders go “hand in hand”. Unfortunately, we take our bones for granted but they are just as dynamic and alive as any other body tissue. It is about time that we throw down the gauntlet and combat osteoporosis.

Please read this book in health and in optimism that we can banish some of the consequences of osteoporosis by preventative and natural medicine. The author stresses that it is never too late to combat osteoporosis and never too early to think of its presence.

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