The Antiaging Triad

The Antiaging Triad



The Antiaging Triad

The Experts Agree

This book is a groundbreaking review of the three most important scientific areas of antiaging medicine. Stephen Holt MD has navigated areas of conventional and integrative medicine to produce a book that is valuable for both a layperson and biomedical experts.

This book is a valuable contribution to the modern movement of antiaging medicine.

-Robert Goldman M.D.,
PhD,Chairman and Founder,
A4M and World Society of Antiaging Medicine

Dr. Steven Holt presents a very grounded and practical approach to the latest technologies in antiaging medicine and the promise they hold for the future. There is no “smoking gun” or simple answer in antiaging methodology, but there is a universe of possibilities and Dr. Holt presents them one by one and the roles they play in ongoing research. I strongly recommend this book.

– Joseph Sugarmann,
Stem Cell Products LLC,


This book is a synopsis of the telomere, dietary restriction and stem cell science that crosses many boundaries of lateral medical thinking. A masterpiece of rhetorical that stimulates much thought and debate.

– Thomas V. Taylor M.D., FRCS, Professor,
Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Texas
Houston, Texas

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