Sleep Naturally


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Sleep Naturally

One cannot take sleep for granted. Modern research has uncovered the importance of restful sleep in the prevention and management of many diseases. On an annual basis, as many as 100 million Americans may be troubled with difficulty in falling asleep, staying asleep or early-morning awakening. This sleeplessness has precipitated an unfortunate and unhealthy reflex response from more than 30 million Americans that involves the taking of drugs to help sleep…a “quick fix” approach. This book describes the disadvantages and limitations of “the drug approach” and highlights the dangerous use or misuse of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals for sleep. There are many natural pathways to healthy sleep and these represent “first-line options” for the vast majority of people (about 65 million Americans!) who suffer from insomnia.

The pharmaceutical revolution of the 20th century has tended to overshadow the real value of natural nutritional support for healthy sleep. This book describes the rational use of herbs, botanicals and nutrients for the promotion of sleep. Behavioral and lifestyle changes with the use of natural substances to promote healthy sleep may do more to solve the common sleep problems of the nation than the development of another “me-too” hypnotic (sleeping) drug.

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