Supreme Properties of Hoodia Gordonii

Supreme Properties of Hoodia Gordonii



Supreme Properties of Hoodia Gordonii

This book is a synthesis of current information on the use of Hoodia gordonii him as a potential weight loss supplement, drug, or food additive. The author has searched folklore literature, scientific literature, and legal documents that are in the public realm, in order to present an overview of the biological effects of Hoodia gordonii on humans. Extracts of Hoodia gordonii are being subject to drug development pathways and it seems likely that not all scientific information, about the use of Hoodia gordonii in humans, has been completely disclosed. there has been frenetic interest in the media about the ability of Hoodia gordonii to suppress appetite and assist with weight control. The author acknowledges all sources of information and much of the work reported in this book has been generated by many scientists. He is tried, where possible, to credit all sources of information.

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